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Find the video HERE. Updated June 28th 2012: Marcel has blogged about this too. Adam Cogan did a great Web TV interview with Marcel de Vries and myself on the topics of architecture and code quality. It was real fun participating in this session. Although we know each other from the MVP ALM community, Marcel, Adam and I haven’t worked together before. It was very interesting to see how we agreed on so many terms, and how alike we where thinking. The basics of ensuring you have a good architecture ......

Introduction Recently I have been involved in some projects to improve the software quality of their code base. These code bases have been rather large, and in some cases consisting of both managed code, C# and C++, and Native code in C++. The reasons for improving the code base comes from a realization of the relationship between non-optimal coding practices and runtime incidents. Runtime incidents can be anything from exceptions, out of memory conditions to functionality simply not working at all ......

I like Code Metrics. They give a certain "objective" evaluation of a piece of code. You can use it for yourself just to make it pinpoint potential trouble areas, or just some code where you were a bit sloppy - happens from time to time...... And when you're going to do a peer review, it's much better to point to some numbers instead of the "This code sucks....."-thing. So when it finally arrived inside Visual Studio I was delighted. There are however a few things there which should be nice candidates ......

When I do either Code Analysis, Code Metrics or looking at Code Coverage results, I don't want to have any generated code affecting the results. It just confuses the numbers, and I do not really care how generated code looks - it should just be invisible. Generated code appears several places, code is generated by any of the multitude of wizards and designers in Visual Studio, or it may be generated by a 3rd part tool or generated by a self-written tool. There exist an attribute which, if attached ......