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UPDATED Apr 15th 2013: Corrected to VS2012 Update 2 UPDATED Mar 23rd 2012: Added information about VS 11 UPDATED Mar 21st 2012: Added info and link to VS/TFS 11 tool for getting the Test Attachment Cleaner, now included with the TFS Power Tools UPDATED Mar 17th 2012: Added sql queries for TFS 11 Beta. Changed structure after Adam’s advices. Updated information. UPDATED Jan 9th 2012: Added link to SQL 2008 R2 SP1 CU4 for ghost file fix Background Recently there has been several reports on TFS databases ......

Update: These have been superseded and included in later Cumulative Updates. See http://wblo.gs/cu8v for checking what you got and updates, or download the tool. Also see info about the updates and extensions here.During the summer Microsoft has released two important hotfixes for the Testing tools. These two hotfixes solves 7 serious problems: # Issue solved Fix in : 1.1 Appdomain error when running a test agent on a computer with Visual Studio installed 1) 1.2 Exception with search error may happen ......

Sometimes the tool is blamed for errors which are not the fault of the tool – this is one such story. It was however, not so easy to get to the bottom of it, so I hope sharing this story can help some others. One of our test developers started to get this message inside the test steps part of a test case in the MTM. saying “Could not load file or assembly ‘0 bytes from System, Version=,……..” The same error came up inside Visual Studio when we opened a test case there. Then we noted a similar ......