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The 1.0.1 version of the Build Folder Extension is now out and can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Code Gallery at http://visualstudiogallery.... Source code, discussions and issue tracking can be found at the codeplex site at http://tfsbuildfolders.code... Context menu The context menu has been extended with the following commands, shown below: Queue New Build… : This pops up the traditional queue build dialog Queue Default Build(s): ......

On codeplex the VSTS Rangers have published the Branching Guidance II (yes, a while ago, but still very true). The basic idea there is the separation between 3 major branches, the Main (or trunk), the Development and the Release branch. One can elaborate on these and use multiple Development branches, and also a tree of release branches, but the basic principle can be summed up with these three. Now, if we look at the different sets of build types we have, see http://geekswithblogs.net/t... ......

A build set is a set of builds running on the same solution or set of solutions, catering for different aspects of the Continuous Integration process. Why a set of builds ? Because one size doesn't fit all. Something you want to run quickly and others you want to cover a lot of stuff. This can be divided into a set of aspects. The aspects can be divided into three major parts: Developer aspect. A continuous build running normally at each check in to ensure that the code the developer checks in is ......

I did an article on Subsystem branching (http://geekswithblogs.net/... as a result of a post on the Microsoft forums regarding this. Further, at the PDC 2008 conference now, Grant Holliday made me aware of the TFS Dependency Replicator, which also is a way to solve the problem. It corresponds to the solution I named Solution 3B, however, it's not using the branch/merge facilities, so the TFS itself is not "aware" of the file copied. Anyway, ......