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There has always been a controversy between modeling and coding. All from the point where models are to be turned into code automatically, through the state where models are written and then forgotten after coding has started, to the point where one generates models from the code. To me, code and model is representations of the same thing - the problem to be solved, or the solution to the problem. And when the solution matches the problem, which sometimes happens, all is well. So the artifacts one ......

All these three terms are used to describe the behavior of an application. They come from different process methodologies, and have different meanings, characteristics and are intended to be used differently. Larry Guger also discuss these aspects and several others in his blog entries http://continuouslyintegrat... and http://continuouslyintegrat... The Use Case is ......

At the moment there are five different popular process templates, three from Microsoft official, one on Codeplex (by some Microsoft guys afaik), and one from Conchango. The fields defined in the workitemtypes found in these templates belongs to a set of namespaces. The System namespace is a predefined Microsoft namespace, with special behavior. The other ones are in reality free text. However, since some effort has been placed on defining these namespaces, and some of these fields are used in several ......