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In my last blog I talk about the SOA project direction and what are the things that you should keep in mind when you start the SOA project.  After giving the answers of four questions one last thing that is left is identifying the roles in the SOA project lifecycle. What my point of you about start of SOA lifecycle is the identification of stakeholders that hold cure information about SOA lifecycle, because related artifact, actors/roles and business processes are very vital in the whole lifecycle. Roles play an important part in the service lifecycle as well, and SOA domination helps define what roles are needed, where and when. For example, if we look at service interface design, we find it typically involves the following roles.

Fig 1. SOA Roles.
Service champion – Department that totally dependent on the business or person which owns this service.
Architect – responsible for service business design and if an existing service can be reused, modified, or versioned; also ensures that the new service will fit well into the service landscape;
Designer and Developer - technical roles responsible for the technical service design and implementation.
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