.NET joins OpenCa.mp

OpenCa.mp is a muti-platform web content-creation event taking place in Addison, TX (north Dallas) on August 27-29th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

OpenCa.mp isn’t about a single technology as the “best” solution.  It is about sharing experiences and discussing what works across several platforms.  The format of OpenCa.mp is different from other multi-platform conferences with mornings full of common sessions and afternoons of brief focused break out sessions.   Again, the focus is to bring people together and get conversations started.  The parties, morning sessions, and expert areas are focused on the whole community sharing ideas and building better experiences across all platforms.

If you use Drupal, Wordpress, Dot Net Nuke, SiteFinity, or mojoPortal, it is obvious why you should attend OpenCa.mp .  But what if you are not a power user of any of those products? Here is some of the reasons I am attending OpenCa.mp 

  • I have a blog but am not a focused blogger – I want to go to OpenCa.mp to take advantage of suggestions and knowledge from people who do focus on blogging.
  • I know what I use in social media but not much else – I want to know if there is anything I am not using that works well without researching every site on the net.  I also have some questions about things that bother me with my current social media tools and hope to find answers at OpenCa.mp.
  • I enjoy knowing about a lot of different tools – People often ask me about how they can put up a site for their company, event, or self.  Being at OpenCa.mp will give me the ability to see and talk to users of many different content management systems.  With access to the help desk, I will also be able to get answers to any questions that come up.
  • I am interested in what other people are getting from the net and what they want – The networking opportunities at OpenCa.mp will allow me to socialize with a huge variety of people who are interested in web content and have valuable insight into what works for them and what doesn’t.
  • I don’t want to become a podcaster but I am very interested in streaming media – There will be some major podcasters at OpenCa.mp where I can learn about their experiences with podcasting and if any of them have tried streaming.

I am a little disappointed that there is not more Silverlight at OpenCa.mp (especially since I am on the planning committee).  Remember, I said OpenCa.mp was more about getting people together so if you are like myself and have a passion for Silverlight or are having some Silverlight media specific problem, find me.  I will be at OpenCa.mp, laptop in hand, always ready to play.

I am very excited about OpenCa.mp and hope to see you there!!!   Register soon!

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