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SOA & Integration Services - BizTalk, WCF, WF, AppFabric etc Why is it drug addicts and computer afficionados are both called users? November 2012 Entries
PowerShell a constant in a changing world
I've been programming for about 20 years now some of my friends have been at it for over 30. I have read many, many manuals and yes it's not my favourite past time. So 10 years ago I made a promise to myself to try and only learn about products which have long life times. I immediately gave up programming GUIs and concentrated on back end development as I decided that these products (Oracle, MQ Series, SQL Server, BizTalk and later WCF, WF) have longer life times and smaller incremental changes than ......

Posted On Sunday, November 18, 2012 10:02 AM

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