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Recently i found out that there is a thing called "coding dojo". The point behind it is that software developers want to have a space to learn new stuff like processes, methods, coding details, languages, and whatnot in an environment without stress. Just for fun. No competition. No results required. No deadlines.

Some days ago I joined the Zurich coding dojo. We were three programmers with different backgrounds.

We gave ourselves the task to develop a method that takes an input value and returns its prime factors. We did pair programming and every few minutes we switched positions. We used test driven development. The chosen programming language was Ruby.

I haven't really done TDD before. It was pretty interesting to see the algorithm develop following the testcases.

We started with the first test input=1 then developed the most simple productive program that passed this very first test. Then we added the next test input=2 and implemented the productive code. We kept adding tests and made sure all tests are passed until we had the general solution.

When we improved the performance of our code we saw the value of the tests we wrote before. Of course our first performance improvement broke several tests.

It was a very interesting experience to see how other developers think and how they work. I will participate at the dojo again and can warmly recommend it to anyone. There are  coding dojos all over the world.

Have fun! Posted on Saturday, June 2, 2012 3:38 PM | Back to top

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