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Originally posted: ZogBlog::road less traveled, on September 16th, 8:24a EST.

PRE-BRIEF: I'm twisted. Not as bad as Rory Blyth, but who else has a geek dream with Greg Reinacker (author/owner of NewsGator) playing the part of the future Erik Estrada (from CHiPs)? See for yourself:


In the future, sometimes I drive my convertible (currently I have an SUV to haul my son around), to a bus stop where I park in the grass at the tail end on the corner of Greg Reinacker-Estrada's property (really why did they even need this corner? - it was outside of the usual square property design). Apparently I've parked here for years, but his new wife is none too happy about it. She tells him to get rid of me.

Unfortunately, this is a part of my routine - and I don't want to give it up. It's the perfect parking spot. Since Greg is a busy man, his new brother-in-law offers to help out, and builds an igloo fashioned of iron in the spot where I usually park my car. [More on the igloo to come.]

This of course, makes it impossible to park in my usual spot.

So, magically aware of the whole situation (I guess ESP is pretty much assumed in the future)... I approach Greg one Saturday to discuss the situation. I assumed that he was going to be the uptight starlet type (you know, high off his CHiPs fame); but it turns out he's really a cool guy. We get to talking and he apparently appreciates my ride (which makes sense, since he never minded my parking on his property before). So I offer to take him for a spin.

While tooling around town talking about programming and what not, I stop to show him the convertible top. With his assistance I "tie" the top down (not sure why it wasn't power, the future is obviously a weird place). Although Greg is a smart cookie... he can't seem to find the tie on his side. I show him what it looks like on mine, but he still can't find it... Frustrated, I hustle around the car to tie his side down too.

Back at the house, we are discussing how to break it to his new wife (that I was going to continue parking there - what were you thinking sicko?). But there is the matter of this igloo. Upon inspection we find his two kids in it playing... and low and behold, it's not iron it's styrofoam. We can easily move it ourselves!!

How come the ESP didn't work here? I wonder, perhaps there are ESP limitations in the future? Before I could figure this all out, and before Greg's wife came home music started playing... followed shortly by an obnoxious beeping. My time traveling adventure was over.


See, I told you. Twisted.

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