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It seems that I fall into a pattern of consistent posting over one month, and then go dark over the course of several.  And that’s not just cause I’m lazy (well, maybe a little bit) – but I’ve been busy!


I just completed the first chapter for our WPF book and delivered to my DE!  This chapter provides an in-depth overview of the WPF architecture and the relevant subsystems therein.  It was really fun to write, and although time consuming, I’m confident it’s worth the effort.


Now that I’ve got this chapter out of the way, I’ll be moving on to another which will provide me the opportunity to post some snippets on this blog for your enjoyment.  If anyone reading this has suggestions for the book, or would like to see a specific example, please post your feedback.  I’d be more than happy to take on the challenge, and even include your ideas in the book!

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