BizTalk RFID Duplicate Elimination Interval on BizTalk 2006 & 2010

Working on prod issue for one of our customer using BizTalk 2006 R2 RFID, we started running into a strange issue where we are reading the vehicle and driver information. We started seeing all of our drivers tags are getting rejected after the 1st successfully read but all the Vehicle tag get processed without any issues. Just for your info each driver keep driving new vehicle each time so that’s clue for you. So on further investigation we found duplicate elimination event works fine for Vehicle tag but start rejecting driver tag after the 1st read, driver comes back after 15mins. So digging into the Duplicate elimination Interval – Event Handler. In BizTalk 2006 you have only one parameter – “Duplicate Elimination Interval”. So if you dig into the code you would see it take the device tag time and compare against the RFID server time. So in our case RFID Server time was different than Reader time by an hour. So making the Reader time and Server time fixed the issue. But there is a better solution using the BizTalk 2010 duplicate elimination event handler, so if you are using and want to make better I would recommend use it.
BizTalk 2006:
1.       Duplicate Elimination Interval
// elapsed time is the time between now and the last time this tag was seen
       int tagTS = (int) entry.VendorSpecificData[TIMESTAMPKEY];
       elapsedTime = currentTS - tagTS;
      // If the elapsed time is greater than the dup check interval, we can accept this tag.
      // Set the max time stamp to current and increment the tag count
      if (elapsedTime > dupCheckInterval)
                 Accepted …
BizTalk 2010:
In BizTalk 2010 you have other parameters to configure by which you can avoid running into this issue:
1.       Duplicate Elimination Interval
2.       Duplicate Elimination Criterion
a.        Tag Identifier
b.       Tag Identifier and Device
c.        Tag Identifier and Device and Source
d.       Tag Identifier and Logical Device
3.       Time Reference
a.        Tag Time
b.       Local System Time
Check below for more information:
So make sure to set the time same on Reader and BizTalk RFID Server. Hope this helps you…

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