Monitoring BizTalk RFID using Data Services

We are glad to release the BizTalk RFID Data Services as part of our open source contribution here at Tellago. Let me get into some details on what’s BizTalk RFID data service and who can take advantage of it.  BizTalk RFID data service is all about exposing BizTalk RFID artifacts as Restful service interface which can be easily accessed by different application within the enterprise and outside such as mobile applications. So anyone who wants to monitor the BizTalk RFID can take advantage of it. It’s easy and lightweight and it works against BizTalk RFID 2006 R2/2009/2010. It should be really handy service for support folks and business interested in monitoring. I have to thank my colleague Uri for helping me getting this out.
The BizTalk RFID data service allows you to query the RFID resources such as Process, Devices, Device Groups and Device Providers. In addition to monitoring you can also use the service to Start and Stop Process and Devices. The following are some examples based on the features available in this release.
Querying all RFID components
Querying all RFID Process:
Querying all Devices:
Querying all Device Groups:
Querying all Device Providers:
Navigating the hierarchy
Querying a specific resource:
Querying all subgroups for a specific Group:
Querying all Devices for a specific Subgroup:
 Mapping between RFID Data Service and RFID Manager:
JSON format
Accept: application/json
With the BizTalk RFID Data Services, we also provide the functionality of executing a particular device or process update via HTTP as show below.
For RFID process:
For RFID Devices:
Also you can use IUpdatable Interface of WCF Data Services.
Updating objects
Start Process
 var policyObj = Context.RFProcesss.Where(a => a.Name.Equals("TellagoRFIDDemoProcess")).FirstOrDefault();
            if (policyObj != null)
                policyObj.Status = "Start";
                DataServiceResponse obj = Context.SaveChanges(SaveChangesOptions.Batch);
Start Devices
            var policyObj = Context.Devices.Where(a => a.Name.Equals("DEVICEDEMO1")).FirstOrDefault();
            if (policyObj != null)
                policyObj.Status = "Enable";
                DataServiceResponse obj = Context.SaveChanges(SaveChangesOptions.Batch);
The installation of the BizTalk RFID Data Services:
·         Open the Tellago.BizTalk.RFID.REST solution using VS 2008 or VS 2010
·          Right click on project “BizTalkRFIDDataServices”->properties
·         Go to “Web” tab and select “Use Local IIS Web Server” as shown below and click “Create Virtual directory”
Change the app pool in IIS and appPool account running the website should have been part of the BizTalk RFID User group.

• Right click the BTSRFIDManagementService.svc and browse.

Hope you have find this post helpful...

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