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Thanks to everyone who attended my Intro to F# presentation at the Cap Area Cloud Computing User Group meeting on May 19th 2011.
I apologize for the slight delay in getting the presentation materials uploaded.


In the Demo project source code, I have included both Normal and Async source samples.
It will make it easier to understand what code changes were necessary to transform it to Async Workflow and parallelize it.

In addition, I have included some F# script files (.fsx) so you can try out some code that was written on the fly during my presentation.


As mentioned during the presentation, the demo project idea was based on Introduction to Microsoft F# by Luca Bolognese (PDC 2008) presentation.
It was chosen because it highlights the important features like Async Workflow and parallelization in a very small amount of code.

To make it easier to access some of the important Resources from my PowerPoint slides, I will simply list them below.

Online F# Editors (requires Silverlight) (no plugin required)

F# Code Snippets

Introduction to F# by Luca Bolognese

Side-by-Side Language Comparison between C# and F#

MSDN: F# Language Reference

F# File Types

Signature Files (.fsi)


Download link below from my Microsoft SkyDrive.  Please let me know if you have any question (or) unable to download/open the zip file.


Thank you and have a great weekend!

P.S. I regularly use Twitter for quick updates and to share links and socialize. Follow me at:

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