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I was asked to present at the BizTalk Users Group in Sweden on June 4th.  I presented on the new enhancements to the Windows Application Server role known as Dublin.

The two sessions are now online on Channel 9.  The first session is a walk-through of the value proposition of Dublin and Workflow Services.  The second session is a little deeper dive into tracking and monitoring.

Details on each session are below.

Session 1: Inside the Windows Application Server Enhancements known as Dublin (1/2)

Abstract: In this session we will review the features of the Windows Application Server Enhancements code named Dublin.  This session will show how to use new and enhanced concepts in the .Net 4.0 framework to empower Services hosted in Windows allowing users insight into service health and activity.

Session 2: Inside the Windows Application Server Enhancements known as Dublin (2/2)

Abstract: This session takes a deeper dive into Windows Application Server Enhancements by looking in detail at the hosting of a Workflow Service.  This will cover reviewing a web service aggregator Workflow Service, setting up custom tracking, monitoring running services, and import and export of applications.

One of the top question I receive is when can I get the code for Dublin?  Microsoft stated at TechEd US 2009 they planned for a public beta of Dublin around the PDC 09 timeframe.

Enjoy and please post any comments or questions.

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