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Working with XPath inside Orchestrations is a powerful and simple feature of BizTalk 2004.  The help guide does a good job describing the process (under Using XPath in Message Assignment).


I have found that the XPath queries can only be done against a Message and the results can be set to a Message, XML Document or other orchestration variables.  XPath queries can also be executed against untyped messages.  That is, a Message that is of type System.Xml.XmlDocument.


CRITICAL: BizTalk xpath can be used to both read values and set values inside your Message.  To set values in your message, you need to be inside a Message Construct shape.


Here are some of the things you can do with xpath and how to do them:

- Set a single values inside a Message using xpath

à xpath(SingleXML, "//LineTotal") = nLineTotal;


- Extract a single piece of data out of a Message

à sCustomer = xpath(InXML,"string(//Customer)");


- Extract a single node out of a large XML Document and assign it to a message or variable

à sXPath = System.String.Format("//Item[{0}]",nCount);

à xDoc = xpath(InXML, sXPath);


- Count the number of nodes or occurrences of something inside your message

à nNumberItems = System.Convert.ToInt32(xpath(InXML, "count(//Item)"));


A great resource for xpath functions and expressions is the W3Schools.


I have put together a sample that shows several different xpath uses inside the Orchestration.  This sample takes in an Order, calculates the total per line, sends out each line item as a single message, and sends out the whole order with an order total.  Note that the Item nodes are not updated on the Output document, only on the single documents.


DOWNLOAD: XPath Sample


The de-batching approach is based on Darren Jefford’s Blog about Manual Message Splitting.  Make sure you check it out and download his sample as well.

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