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Have you looked at the SDK example working with Envelopes in BizTalk 2004 for Flat Files and tried to get it to work with XML Documents?  Well, I did and I found it a little trickier than I expected.


Key Take Home Points:

- De-Batching / Envelope Processing for XML Document must take place on the Receive Port.  I have not been able to get it to work on the Send Port, but I am still trying.

- Properties can be promoted from the Header and demoted to the single messages

- No custom pipelines are required for Receive Port Processing as long as the Root Node Name and Namespace are unique throughout your entire deployed solutions.


DOWNLOAD: Get the sample here!


Set-up is easy, just unzip the SampleEnvelopes folder and put it on your C: drive.  Then, build and deploy the SampleEnvelopes project. I use early binding so the send and receive ports will be created for you. 


To run the sample, drop the start messages named StartFileInbound.xml into c:\SampleEnvelopes\In_Inbound.  You will get 3 messages in the Out_Inbound folder for each start message.  Also, note that the Orchestration will run 3 times.  Plus, I promote and demote Header information to show how it can be passed into the single messages.  If all else fails, read the ReadMe.txt file.


Take Away: Once you get the hang of XML Envelopes in BizTalk 2004 they can be a powerful tool for easy document splitting.

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