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I go away for a weekend thinking meh what could happen between now and Monday, well I'm really pleased to say that GAX 1.4 is with us!!!

 image or as per this screen grab GAX 1.0 ???? :)

Yeah Baby GAT/GAX (sorry guys, I really can't get used to saying GAX/GAT :) February 2008 Final Release is here. (hmm exactly what does Final Release mean?)

So what are the highlights of this release

  • Support for both VS2005 & VS2008
  • you no longer need to uninstall GAX to upgrade, guidance packages that are registered with the previous version of GAX will automatically be registered with the current version of GAX .... seriously cool :)
    • Note that folks on the forums are having mixed results with this, you do need to uninstall GAT but not GAX.... I will post up any issues as I find them
  • well good news is that you can have side by side VS2005 and VS2008 installs.... sweet
  • Improved uninstaller, GAX will attempt to uninstall any packages that have been manually installed, you will need to uninstall any packages that were added using MSI's
  • various fixes, are included in this release, including the fix to allow us to get our hands on the source for the Service Factory

So congrats and kudos to Grigori Melnik and his team for getting this out of the door....

However, back to this Final Release issue, Tom mentions that GAT/GAX is no longer classed as a CTP, now what does that mean, is it now a product, is it now supported?, can I continue to build my factories using GAT/GAX without having to wait for Rosario tooling?, will there be future enhancements, or does final mean end of the line for GAT/GAX? ..... seriously I have a ton of questions.... anyone from the team or anyone else from the P&P/Team Arch care to comment :)

Anyway.... I'm off to make my factories and GAX 1.0 play nice

if you got to this part in the post I'll reward you with the link, go get it

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2008 12:51 PM Software Factories | Back to top

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