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So they have released AJAX RC1 which is apparently the penultimate release before the fully supported product.

Couple of new features...

  1. Built in VS 2005 Web Application Project template to create new AJAX application.
  2. Additional globalisation support for AJAX applications, improved substitution logic, compression and caching.
  3. The assembly Microsoft.Wev.Extensions.dll has changed to System.Web.Extension.dll and the namespace Microsoft.Web has changed to System.Web

Two reasons for the change which will be the last...

  1. ASP.NET AJAX will be fully-supported part of the core .NET framework in the future so for consistency
  2. It will help make upgrading to the Orcas release of ASP.NET and VS much easier.

You can download or view the whitepaper on upgrading from beta2 here.

Tip from ScottGu on intellisense.
One additional step you'll want to make after you follow the steps in the whitepaper above is to delete the cached schema files for control markup Intellisense that VS maintains.  This will ensure that your HTML source editor Intellisense for the ASP.NET AJAX controls is correct and doesn't get lost (otherwise it might incorrectly use the old values from the Beta2 release).   

- With Windows XP you do this by deleting all files in this directory: c:\Document and Settings\[YourUserName]\Local Settings\AppData\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\ReflectedSchemas

- With Windows Vista you do this by deleting all files in this directory: c:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\ReflectedSchemas

Once you delete these schema files and restart VS, it will re-calculate the HTML markup Intellisense for all controls and pick up the changes from the assembly name change.
Read more from Scott here

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