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Recently found some great tutorials on n-tier development with 2.0, well actually its n-layer to me.  I consider n-tier development to be across different hardware platforms e.g. database server, presentation server (front end or presentation layer).  N-layer development is separating your application code into layers... presentation layer, business logic layer, data access layer and data layer. 

Most of the time you will develop on 2-tiers as above, having a database server is quite normal practice.

I have never actually developed an n-tier application but i have heard that its a nightmare....n-layer on the other hand I am a fan off and 2.0 makes it very easy to do.  The idea of having your code separated into loosely coupled layers is a fantastic idea, makes it very easy to read and maintain your code.  I recently finished a big web app and developed in n-layer architecture and found these articles very helpful.  Hopefully you will too.

Check out these four articles by Scott Mitchell, he is the founder of (a great source for tutorials) you can read his blog at

1. Creating a data access layer

2. Creating a Business logic layer

3. Master Pages and site navigation

4. Displaying data with the ObjectDataSource from you BLL

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