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Hi there, thought I would post a little intro blog to introduce myself to anyone reading this blog. I am in England in the south west county of Somerset.

The main point of my blog will be to post interesting tutorials and articles on .NET v2, always C#, lots of with a little bit of SQL slipped in. You may also find a few blogs on something interesting (to me!) that I have done in the recent past…..basically this will turn into my Brain dump, hopefully some good stuff in between one or two rambles! ;-)

I work as a C# solutions developer mainly doing web stuff. My main interest at the moment revolves around ‘Atlas’, I don’t know a great deal Javascript so I find working and extending Atlas great fun. The Toolkit is equally as interesting…you can find the Atlas Control Toolkit on codeplex.

The non developer in me (not much!) is a sports fan, I support Liverpool football club. I play cricket on a weekend for a local team. I don’t play football because I simply aint fit enough….too much sitting on my bum at my pc. Lived with my girlfriend (Kim) for 7 years, she is a fitness fanatic and works for a sports and leisure company.

I am a reasonably junior .NET developer, only been writing solutions for about 18 months. So to all you new developers out there I will be providing some great stuff to introduce you to some new stuff. I am always trying new ways to ‘code better’ and am really into best practice coding.

Anyways…subscribe to my feed and keep an eye out for some interesting stuff. Posted on Sunday, August 13, 2006 6:50 AM | Back to top

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