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So I got back the results of my filed grade dispute with University of Phoenix, and evidently my Marketing 421 instructor, Cassandra Baker, still refused to give me the 7/10 of a point I needed for an A. What's the point of a grade dispute process when the instructor is unreasonable yet the faculty members decision is final?

As I mentioned in the original post (, the day a paper was due my little Ford Focus was totalled by a woman in an SUV, and I supplied pictures of the car, my bruieses, and had the accident report number in hand, as well as the ER information. I wonder if Ms. Baker was holding out for an amputation or paralysis, or if she is just so narrow minded that she won't make an adjustmen regardless of reason.

I've had a lot of good instructors at University of Phoenix so far, and I've gotten A- grades from a few that were also pretty close. Mostly I missed the required number of discussion board responses because I was traveling, which is not a good reason for missing the requirement. This is no problem. Refusing 7/10 of a point to someone who could have been killed (the officer at the scene said 10 MPH more from the SUV may have done it) and was in the ER?

What would your 'reasonable" response have been?

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