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So I downloaded the ISO from MSDN Subscriber downloads two days ago and installed it on three different computers. The first one is a Dell laptop that's running Windows 2008 R2 and had VS 2010 Beta 2 on it. I first uninstalled beta 2, which took a while and caused some wierd error with my network driver.  At least, it was the only thing that I was running on the laptop, and it was after the uninstall made me reboot that I lost the driver.

I did a repair on the driver and got my network connection back, so I loaded the ISO using MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD Manager. I've used Daemon Tools in the past, but found this and really like it. I started a custom install and unchecked SQL Express as I already have SQL 2008 Developer installed on the box.

It ran along and after another reboot, finished fine. At the final screen of the install wizard, I elected to configure help and set my preference for local, and installed it all.  I opened Visual Studio and checked it out, and am really pleased with the speed improvements. I added some of the available extensions as well, and I like the way that works. Eclipse has had an easy way to add extensions that wasn't in Visual Studio, so it's nice to see.

Okay, so I also have a Dell workstation running Windows 7 32-bit. It would run 64-bit except I have some peripherals that don't have 64-bit drivers. Again, I uninstalled beta 2, and this time had no network driver issues. Actually, I had no issues at all, the entire install ran cleanly. Sweet!

If I had hair, I would have lost it after my third installation. I thought this would be easiest - it's on the Acer laptop that I got from attending the PDC 2009 event, and is running Windows 7 64-bit. It's not a great box for development, regardless of the fact that Microsoft gave these to us so we would write multi-touch apps, since it only has a Celeron 1.4Mhz processor and a pretty small 11.3" screen, but I read that one of the improvements in the VS 2010 RC was better performance with sub-2MHz processors.

Again using MagicISO I started the install. Horrible. Half the bits didn't install, and the IDE was flaky starting up. So I uninstalled and tried again. More stuff didn't install again, but it was different. Another uninstall, and I also looked for leftover files and registry entries. So another install... isn't it a sign of insanity when you do the same thing multiple times and expect it to be different?  Yet another bad install.

So I uninstalled again, and this time I copied the contents of the ISO onto the same external USB hard drive where the ISO is stored. Now I ran the install from disk, and it all installed just fine - extept the last page, which tells you how the install worked and lets you set up help, told me it couldn't be displayed. At least now the tools installed fine. I added a bunch of cool extensions and things are running fine. Now I just have to figure out how to get that help installed locally :).

I'll be playing with this machine a bit to see just how well it runs on slower processors.


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