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After reading the April 13th newsletter from my state Senator, Bob Casey, I decided to send a reply. The following is the text of that message.  The work week is almost over and I've yet to see a response.

Your April 13th newsletter stated that one of the issues you plan to work on is "the important work of reforming our health care system." I have some concerns about the "our" portion that might be coming.

"All Americans" is inclusive of all from the President down to those people who have made the committment to earn legal citizenship and everyone in between. My concern is that like in some socialist countries, such as the late USSR, the political elite will have a diffent set of benefits from those that are paying for it.

Right now the President, Senate, House members, et al have free and open access to places like Johns Hopkins for any health care issues. Will our government leaders do the ethically correct, and morally required thing? Will they change their elite health plan and follow the new "universal" health plan they devise for the rest of us?

I have to say right now that I won't believe it until I see it. I'm hoping that I'll be proven incorrect, and will be ecstatic to be able to say I was wrong.

What say you, Mr. Senator?
Our elected officials work for us, not the other way around.  Why are they treated better than me and others that pay taxes?
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