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I'm fairly disappointed with the Republican party, being a somewhat moderate Republican.  I'm even more dissapointed with the news media and the one-sided coverage they're providing.  It seems that everything I might possibly want to know about the personal lives of McCain and Palin, and their families, has been covered in excruciating detail, but I can't find any real info about Obama.

I constantly see a link with McCain and Bush, regardless of how real that is, yet the Obama team yells foul whenever an association with criminals, radicals, extremists, and terrorists is brought up.  I mean, he really hasn't done much in his half-term of Senator, so what else do we have to look at?

He's a helluva speaker, although shows a real anger when questioned about things he doesn't want to talk about.  He doesn't seem to have any solid details about how he'll actually change anything, just that he'll change things.  I don't even see any evidence that he understands basic macroeconomics.  This whole Fanny/Freddie mess is being blamed on the Bush administration, which hurts McCain by party allegience, yet Bush was working with a solid Democratic House and Senate.  Heck, I heard someone on a talk show say that Obama not only got a mortgage through Freddie, he got some kind of sweetened deal.  Yah, we'll see change all right.

I can't actually see where he's got ANY qualifications for assuming the Presidency.  Except for one year in the Senate, the mayor of my small town is just as qualified. :)

I liked Hilary a lot more.  While she's still more of a socialist than I like (hey, I earn my money, I want to keep it and spend it myself!), she didn't scare me like Obama.  I'm actually frightened about what will happen if he wins this election.  Frightened for myself,  my family, and my country.

Understand that if there was a more capable Democrat running, I think McCain would be in a lot more trouble.  I'm finding that a lot more people are worried than I expected, and a lot more are wondering what Obama is really all about.

I'm not posting any more about this, but I had to vent a little about the crappy media coverage.

In case anyone doesn't understand, this is my personal opinion and doesn't reflect anything at all from my employer or this blog site.

Posted on Thursday, October 9, 2008 2:11 PM Politics | Back to top

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Your question - asked by a number of people - interests me, because throughout the primary season, much was presented regarding Obama. It really bothers me that people feel the "one sided press" writes alot on McCain and Palin, but nothing on Obama. That is just not true, and is really a cop out. In addition, if you want to understand more about the man, then read his autobiography "Dreams Of My Father".
Left by Bill on Oct 09, 2008 3:09 PM

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Does anyone understand a thing about macroeconomics? If anyone did, why not warn others about the path the world was following? I don't know! Maybe those who had a clue are now profiting more with things as they are. Becoming the biggest share-holder of private companies sounds to me like a very socialistic kind of action for an US government. They are taking people's money and and redistributing it, much like URSS did in the past. A less socialist government would let the market take care of itself, IMHO, instead of awarding the incompetent.
Left by Lairton on Oct 09, 2008 5:59 PM

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No matter which one gets in I am still extremely concerned about the direction of our country. I always refrain from putting anything controversial online but I think we really need to get a vision for our country. I am afraid too many people have given up or just don't care anymore. All you hear from the media is the pitting of different types(races, religions, lifestyles, gun toter/gun haters....) of people against each other. This division will be our downfall. While the american populated is distracted our government is growing out of control and behaving out of control.
Left by technodrone on Oct 10, 2008 1:25 PM

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