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ARC201 – Ron Jacobs on the Architectural Landscape

Good to see Ron again, he's having a ball in his current role at Microsoft. After obligatory plugs for his ArcCast series, we got into three topics.

TDD concepts. was mentioned as a reference.

TDD Primer from Peter Provost was shown…. I like his statement that TDD is about creating a class that does what you want it to do and nothing more. Also made it clear that architectural design is still necessary. Most people I talk to about TDD start out thinking it's chaotic, which is far from the truth.

If you're not into TDD…

  1. Add a test.
  2. Run all tests and see them fail.
  3. Write just enough code to make the test pass
  4. Run all tests and see them pass
  5. Refactor code

I got a kick out of this since I'm presenting a TDD webcast for ITMPI in October.

UI Patterns MVC (Model/View/Controller) and MVP (Model/View/Presenter)

NMock tool ( shown to show implementing mocks, nice it was plugged. I like this tool a lot.

Spike results for TDD/MVP project.

Ron did a project over a couple of days to prove out MVP and TDD, and results looked positive. Some questions came up at the end about usefulness of TDD for front ends, and during the responses I mentioned that unit testing a complete UI is a bit out of context when you're talking TDD. That gets more into functional testing.

Old Home Week: Dwayne Robinson, Paul Bethany, Dave Armstrong, all ex-Microsoft from Malvern. It was wild seeing them in their different roles at Mondosoft, BinaryTree, and neudesic, respectively.

DAT201 – The next release of SQL Server: Overview

Started with a brief overview of the history of data processing. Pre-monolithic data processing (batch, computational), OLTP, into Connected Systems. Sort of fluffy filler since I got to live through all of, but decent setup to why "Katmai" (SQL Server 2008) is evolving into what it's looking to be.

Katmai has a lot of cool new features. Too many to review, but some things I wish we had now for sure – Performance data collection, System analysis, declarative management (policies). There was a demo by Dan Jones (MSFT Program Manager) on declarative management that showed a policy where a table could not be created under the dbo schema. Dan has a session on Wednesday where he goes into details, so I may check that out.

Support for non-relational data is really going to make for some interesting apps. Spatial/mapping information, binary data including video, sound, etc., is going to be huge.

Enterprise data warehouse updates for portioning, data compression, query optimizations, persistent lookups, change data capture, a new MERGE t-sql statement…

Reporting and BI improvements includes UI, since MS purchased technology from Dundas (some of the best charting/graphics tools for MS development), new cube design tools, ability to host SQL RS w/out IIS…

This is going to rock!

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