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Satya Srikant Mantha Reflecting DAX NET and SQL Server

Microsoft’s Ax Demo VPC is basically configured for a static IP address, this is due to the fact that the VPC has Domain Controlller configured in it which requires a static IP. When we put this VPC on a network with a different subnet and change the IP you can observer that the site http://sharepoint and http://sharepoint/EP cease to function and show “Page Not Found” errors in the browser. This is mainly due to the DNS configuration which is not updated. Below is the screen shot of the changes that needs to be done to make the site functioning properly. Change the following entries in the Forward Lookup Zones of DNS management:


These websites default, SharePoint and projectserver are all mapped to a single port in the IIS i.e. port number 80. These websites are recognised with host headers. These host headers are configured in DNS with incorrect IP address entries in DNS when you change the IP address of the VPC. Just change these values to point to the Local Loop Adapter ( and change the DNS to point to this address in the TCP/IP properties as shown below:


This will resolve the issue with the website rendering. Initially you may get time out errors while browsing these website. be patient and try again this would work.

Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 4:30 PM Enterprise Portal Administration | Back to top

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