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Sorry for lack of posts last month. I was really busy at work with different projects (PKI, SC, security reviews) and tried to learn new CBK domains at home, so I basically didn't have a time to blog at all. Again, sorry.

Today I had an CISSP exam (you know - 6 hours is hard ;-) after week of CBK review seminars (by Dennis Griffin) with some of Microsoft EMEA guys and other attendees at Rotenburg a.d. Fulda (and you know - it was a good choice after all, because this hotel is so far away from town and there're even no any people at reception or on my floor right now, so I could concentrate on learning). I hope that I passed it - because sometimes it looked like a very complicated exam in English language ;-)

Well, it seems that Vista is ready now and will be available to customers in near feature, so it's time to check Windows Vista Security Guide and other Vista's security features. I'm living with it for 5 months now and it's really good (especially from security point of view - ASLR, BitLocker, etc)

Some news on blog changes - in near feature (begining next year) I'm going to post at - mostly in Russian and for russian ITSec community. But I'll keep this blog as personal and continue to cross-post here in English.

And now it's time to prepare for flight back to Moscow and following vacations in Phan Thiet,Vietnam.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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