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Yeap, I knew that I forget someting -

David Cross announced on newsgroup release of the Smart Card Base Cryptographic Service Provider as free download (also available via Windows Update):

Writing a Smart Card CSP has not been trivial.  This has been addressed by splitting the CSP architecture to a Base CSP and Card Module architecture. The Base CSP is provided by Microsoft as a part of the platform (with this
Base CSP release). 

Card Module is a interface supported by Microsoft for card vendors to write their implementations for the same to their card. This is analogous to writing a printer driver for a printer.
It is this new Card Module architecture that will also be available as a part of Windows Vista.  With this release, one of the goals that we want to accomplish is that the same card module works on older platforms and also Vista.

More information available in Shivaram Mysore blog (he is active participant of XML Encryption and XKMS and ex-Sun software architect).

There are also great collection of Windows PKI and cryptography references and links [subscribed].

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