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Announcement #1 out of TechEd for Visual Studio developers: The Visual Studio Team System [rss] (aka Burton). This is the new set of life-cycle tools and will include (depending on edition):

  • PreFast and FxCop help developers detect coding and security related issues earlier in the development cycle thereby reducing the overall cost of fixing code defects.
  • unit tests
  • Performance analysis tools
  • Distributed System Designers that help reduce the complexity of developing and deploying service-oriented applications
  • integrated source control, work item tracking, reporting, and custom policies that enable your team to efficiently manage change in your software development projects [via Team System blog and Sam Gentile]

[Update] Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation: Source Code Control and Item Tracking Demo and Visual Studio 2005 Team Developer: Feature Demos available for download

[Update] Brian Harry posted about VS Team System reasons:

... On top of that we set the requirement that we were building tools that we could (and would) use internally at Microsoft.  We believe that both Microsoft and the industry will benefit greatly be coupling more of our internal tools and processes to the ones that we encourage our customers to use.

If you look hard at Team System it is a combination of productized versions of tools we developed over the years and use internally (e.g. static analysis, profiling, work item tracking, ...) and new tools that we are developing (version control, load testing, unit testing, ...).  Generally, we chose to build new tools where the internal versions of the tools that we use were deemed not to be the best starting point for where we want to be...

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