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Quality Assurance

Quality Control

A planned and systematic set of activities necessary to provide adequate confidence that requirements are properly established and products or services conform to specified requirements.

The process by which product quality is compared with applicable standards; and the action taken when nonconformance is detected.

An activity that establishes and evaluates the processes to produce the products.

An activity which verifies if the product meets pre-defined standards.

Helps establish processes.

Implements the process.

Sets up measurements programs to evaluate processes.

Verifies if specific attribute(s) are in a specific product or service

Identifies weaknesses in processes and improves them.

Identifies defects for the primary purpose of correcting defects.

QA is the responsibility of the entire team.

QC is the responsibility of the tester.

Prevents the introduction of issues or defects

Detects, reports and corrects defects

QA evaluates whether or not quality control is working for the primary purpose of determining whether or not there is a weakness in the process.

QC evaluates if the application is working for the primary purpose of determining if there is a flaw / defect in the functionalities.

QA improves the process that is applied to multiple products that will ever be produced by a process.

QC improves the development of a specific product or service.

QA personnel should not perform quality control unless doing it to validate quality control is working.

QC personnel may perform quality assurance tasks if and when required.

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