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Unit Testing

The world has started to rely increasingly on software that is becoming more and more complex. Today software is everywhere - part of every system or machine that we use in daily life. Software Quality and Reliability have become an important concern of the software industry. While improved and formal software development processes help avoid more and more defects, a large number of defects are still left in software. In one of history's well-known bugs, the entire long distance of AT&T was down for nine hours. The melt down was finally traced to a single line of code that could have been best detected by some effective unit testing. Beizer argues that the number of bugs left behind after a software engineer "delivers" his code to others is still too high for comfort. While improved design techniques try to avoid defects, effective testing continues to play an important role in removing defects left behind and is the cornerstone of the Software Quality Assurance activity.................

More at http://www.deccanetworld.com/sublinks/whitepapers/unit_testing.htm

It is very good white paper written by “R.Venkat Rajendran, Director, Deccanet Designs Ltd.

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# re: Unit Testing

Advantage of Unit Testing:

1. Plays major role in the Testing effort

2. Defect found in the unit testing is less costly than in the later stages of testing

3. To achive high test coverage

4. Internal condition can be tested
1/6/2005 1:38 PM | Vishal kharge

# re: Unit Testing

Unit Testing-
1. It is OO (object oriented) testing
2.in this type of testing each module or component consider as whole
3.here functionality of component is tested
4.here for testing stub and driver are used
5. it is effective when used with any other s/w testing process
7/1/2007 6:26 PM | rajesh zinjurde
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