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Jun 06
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It has been a long time since I blogged. The reasons- *ahem* laziness , procastrination etc etc. but now i am determing to get this going, as i am diving into some hardcore programming. As a starting note, I noticed that when you have a secure site hosted on an IIS 6.0 server, if you try to move from a non secure part of the site to secure site(i.e., ......

Dec 05
am fascinated by all this 2.0 stuff going around me. am gonna spend some serious time for it. i wanna use this blog to be a collection of 2.0 related articles and tutorials. So i have deleted all of my previous blogs. Join me in this fun process. I noticed that things that appear gorgeous( do not know a better word) from far are even better when you ......

Scott Hanselman has posted an ultimate collection of Tool List. Check it out!!! damn good.

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