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Microsoft Tech ed 2010 was a great success.
Infact  Most of such conferences always provide a great place to meet other  technology enthusiasts and ofcourse,whats in the pipeline for future products of a company or field..

And yet again,MS Tech ed India is coming on 23-25 march  in Banglore,India.Well,the place is  ofcourse right suited for any IT/Computing conference.After all,Its Silicon Valley of India..

From Last year.I remember  a session by Harish about  “Building pure client side apps with  Jquery and Microsoft Ajax .”

Here’s the video:

At that time only,I got to know that jquery is so easy to use for  ajax or client side templating.Though I prefer jquery over  Microsoft Ajax many folds.UpdatePanel  is Dead for sure in my view.
I believe,Web forms will be dead sooner or later with ASP.Net  MVC  gaining share many folds.(TODO:Learn MVC).

The new standard is surely:JQUERY .

Between,Last years videos and ppt’s  are available to browse and download:

After going through Tech Ad 2011 session agendas :

Few of my personal choices to watch would be:

Day 1: a) Identity And Access Control in the Cloud
       b)Windows 7 at  Home:Digitizing your Home.(Sounds cool.)
       c) And ofcourse,Jquery and MS ajax(Lets see if MS can do something that’s not already happening with their version Of Ajax)..

Day 2:  a) Lap Around Silverlight 5 and Html 5 as I have heard some hot talks that html5 will kill Silverlight,(I don’t see it in near future though).

       b) Html 5 more than “Html 5”…Google will be seeing this one.

Day3: a) Cross Browser applications in Azure
      b)VS 2010 sessions of automated testing azure apps etc.

Windows Phone 7 sessions will surely be of more interest now after MS-Nokia Deal.

Though,Personally,I would want atleast some worth of  sessions on MS  future in Robotics,AI.Perhaps  I am looking at wrong place..(When is PDC?)

And Since,Bill Gates  consider Robotics as the next big thing,

Refer  this one : 

I am sure,they wont loose this new hot spot to competitors,  like how google rules in Online  Search now.Robotics and AI will surely provide a big battlefield  for future.See,What IBM is doing with IBM Watson.

OR see this,

this is cool only if you can control your mind.Atleast,I’ll prefer regular driving (I would devote my mind seeing  people,places which we see on road).thats what jouney makes “cool”.:P.



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