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News SLaM(Silverlight and Mapping). I am fascinated with developing business related .NET applications and adding more life to them by including mapping components. Plugin Developer with MapWindow GIS.
SLaM Development Silverlight with C# and Mapping Walkways

The Election tracker as the name suggests, is a web application that will help in monitoring Election Polls in any particular country in real time so that interested stakeholders in any part of the world a can follow the progress of the elections in any country.

It is also incorporated with a mapping component that utilises ArcGIS ESRI shapefiles and one can also use it to show map and kml files from googlemaps,  openstreetmaps and bingmaps.

This application is yet to be completed and it will be piloted in many different countries. The system will be viewable on both PC or Mobile phone.

Screenshot 01:Map Visualisation On Click

Screenshot 02: Zoomed in Province/District Map

Development still continues....

If you need it, just contact me.


Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 2:42 AM Screenshots | Back to top

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Great work Sam!, there is a GIS Chief who was immediately impressed and said this is what he wants! I hope you have time on you because he wants to see you so get your shoes ready. Will talk email you.

Left by AmoLika on Apr 20, 2010 5:07 PM

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