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I've come to the conclusion that I value programmers with some experience working for non-technical companies more than those who have only worked for technology companies. I've worked for both. I've worked as a consultant and as a full time employee, for software companies, dot-coms, insurance and manufacturing companies. And although tech companies are more fun (read: easier), the brick and mortar experience grounded me in reality.

This is not to say that someone who has only worked for Microsoft or ABC software isn't a good programmer. This is to say too many of the methodologies that are pumped out (like pair programming - HA!) come from people who work for companies whose entire culture involves technology.

For a software company, IT is a profit center. Period. Almost everyone who works for a software company is technically inclined and/or interested. I know there are exceptions, but it's different if you work for a company whose focus is manufacturing widgets or stocking retail stores. For those companies, running 50 plants on 30 year old code is not only acceptable, it's the norm. And there's no business reason to change it. If you want to start writing .NET or Java code, you'd better have a real business case. Posted on Friday, May 4, 2007 10:13 AM | Back to top

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