Wednesday, December 2, 2009 #

Sync Framework Power Pack for SQL Azure


We are working on a cloud based application for a long time existing customer.  we came across a pretty interesting challenge. The problem was; the New cloud based application needed to be able to integrate with  our existing legacy applications. in particular our call center application. We have no intentions of moving this application to the cloud, however we need to be able to have access to some of that data with our new Application.

Couple of weeks ago At PDC, during the Keynote Andy Lapin of Kelley Blue Book explained how they keep their community database up-to-date using the technology to synchronize data between their on-Premises SQL Server and SQL Azure. the recording is on PDC website, Andy’s demo starts at 1:18:00.

So finally I downloaded Sync Framework Power Pack for SQL Azure November CTP Available for Download. This release includes:

  • SQL Azure provider for Sync Framework.
  • Plug-in for Visual Studio 2008 SP1.
  • SQL Azure Data Sync Tool for SQL Server.

SQL Azure Data Sync Tool for SQL Server, contains a wizard that walks users through the SQL Azure connection process, automating the provisioning and synchronization operations between SQL Server and SQL Azure.

Here is a screen shot of the tool, Stay tuned for a webcast I will be doing on this, this Friday Dec 4th for Russ' Toolshed, If you are in Boca make sure to stop by and be part of the live audience.


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