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Shehan Peruma

Had a requirement where search results should be limited to only items of a list. Naturally, I created a new Search Scope and set a rule of type Web Address to include the particular site holding the lists. did work, but not to my expectations. What was happening was that in addition to displaying the list items, the list views were also being displayed and so were other pages in the site....DOH!

Doing a search on the net led me to this site. It was very informative, but it didn't  provided the contentclass value I should use for a list created using the Custom List template....

Took me a while, but eventually tracked down the contentclass value - "STS_ListItem_GenericList"

So, long story short; here are the two rules I used for the scope:

Scope Rule Type: Web Address
Folder: <the site I need to search>
Behavior: Include

Rule 2:
Scope Rule Type: Property Query
Property Query: contentclass = STS_ListItem_GenericList
Behavior: Require

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Posted on Wednesday, July 9, 2008 12:27 PM MOSS , Search , Administration & Configuration | Back to top

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