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This is so unacceptable.

I generally don’t share my rant for the application that I use often but what Facebook showed me today, is totally unacceptable.

Very recently, last month?, I happen to have used the “Friend Finder” utility from them, I guess its called “Contact Importer” now; So anyways, its like this, I use the utility and find many many of my contacts on Facebook, and using the brilliant list selection web control, I choose whom I like to add on Facebook!


Now, it’s today, I log to my work mail and I see this message. Wtf, seriously Wtf, does “Find your friend” means “Invite your friend for we love spamming?”? My understanding prefigures, Facebook sent a mail to all the “non-friends” on Facebook, inviting them instead of just looking up the email addresses on its server.

The next thing, I like to know is that why did they mail the contacts after a month or so? Did they store my Google credentials even though they fruitfully said: “We fuk whores love to say that we don’t save your password"? You know my say, you “fuk whores” bitch me!

My guess is that it’s in the new “Contact Importer”, they accidently mailed every other left out contacts. The mail is not a spam, but I’m unsure about who sent the mail, the Facebook or it’s thirty-party applicits!


So here it is, my apologies to any of my contacts who got the mail from my address, this was just something that I did not expect.

Off you go all, all the additional permissions!


Here’s a copy of the mail header, in case you are still considering Facebook clean and taking the side of the my unwanted.

Posted on Thursday, May 7, 2009 11:59 AM | Back to top

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