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As you know that Live Mesh is now open only to U.S. dudes and other country folks gotta wait till it's release; Here's a work around to get started when Microsoft denies you the access to the Mesh.

  1. Go to and get yourself authenticated to see the next page.
  2. Click the "Registered information" link and follow up the page.
  3. Change all the Country/Region to "United States"
  4. Save and now go to and sign in to see your "Live Desktop"
  5. Now remember, whenever you add a device to your Mesh, the regional setting must be "English (United States)"
  6. After you get all the things set and the Live Mesh has been installed, quit and switching back to the Original Settings will not affect any thing.
    Even you can revert back to your data in Live Accounts safely.

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