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Getting a brand new Maxtor to hop a Windows Server 2003

Having bought this sweet awesomely new 500 GB hard disk from Maxtor, I fooled around in hope to back my files from my workstation at office; I discovered that Maxtor OneTouch external hard disk does not support Windows Server 2003.

Googling and dazing got me the following stuff:

  • Start Service Manager (services.msc)
    • Go to Removable Storage service.  Start the same and set it to "Automatic" start in future.
  • Connect your Maxtor hard disk as normal and wait for it to be detected.
  • On detection, fire up Computer Manager (compmgmt.msc)
    • On Disk Management node, add a drive letter to the your disk.
  • Re-attach the drive, it's now like so functional :)

Hope this help if ever you are stuck getting your baby kiss your operating system! :p

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