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Hi guys hope this will be useful to quickly get the idea of Setup and Deployment Project in VS.Net

Setup and Deployment Projects Article Links

Deploying Applications and Components

Walkthrough: Deploying a Web Solution

Walkthrough: Using a Custom Action to Create a Database During Installation

Setup and Deployment Project FAQ

A Setup and Deployment project that passes parameters to the configuration file

Using VBScript in an installer package

Install a Service using a Script

Creating Setup and Deployment Projects in VS.NET


Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2006 5:25 AM | Back to top

Comments on this post: Setup and Deployment Project in VS.Net -Useful Links

# re: Setup and Deployment Project in VS.Net -Useful Links
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i ve a web application and its installer. now am going to have a patch for the application. what i want is the installer should install the new patch without uninstalling the already existing application.

is there a way for this?

Left by raju on May 06, 2007 10:10 PM

# re: Setup and Deployment Project in VS.Net -Useful Links
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Hi !!

Your Link is extremly good..

But , can u tell me one thing about Setup & Deployment


Please give some example .. and pleaes give me ans as soon as possible..

Thanking You.
Left by Nevil Gandhi on Aug 31, 2007 2:26 AM

# re: Setup and Deployment Project in VS.Net -Useful Links
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Above links are not workinng can you help me with new link.
Left by Bimal on Mar 30, 2008 8:54 PM

# re: Setup and Deployment Project in VS.Net -Useful Links
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Hi shahed,

I have a setup project created using setup and deployment option in VS2008. It is working fine. I have 10 files which I will add to the project manually and vs2008 detects the associated dependencies and loads them automatically.The files and dependencies all are in the same folder.

Then I am able to create the msi package.

The next time when I need a build I will clear this whole list and go ahead with the process once again.

I prepare this build quite frequently. so i want to know is there any way i can load all these files from a config file instead of adding them manually everytime. Or is ther any other method available which can automate this .
The files are fixed and will never change(other that their version).
Left by Anandarajeshwaran.J on Apr 02, 2009 7:09 PM

# re: Setup and Deployment Project in VS.Net -Useful Links
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I have an exe, now I want to deploy this so I have written setup in And i have added two check boxes, " Launch the application " and " Set as startup " , but my question is how do I handle the these two events ? As for as i know i need to write the Script to validate and execute according to the input given by the user for these two actions.

Can some one tell me whether i am right or wrong?, if I am right then which script is the easier one? and please let me know the steps to accomplish my task.

Thanks in advance, Ravi Naik.
Left by Ravi Naik on Aug 17, 2009 3:57 PM

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