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Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object

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Well... I cant really express my feelings for this kind of programming...

The WTF way:

DateTime myNewDate = DateTime.Parse((myOldDate.Year - 1).ToString() + "-" + myOldDate.Month.ToString() + "-" + myOldDate.Day.ToString());


The right way:

 DateTime myNewDate = myOldDate.Date.AddYears(-1);


Well, this one i simply cannot understand... why anyone would do +0 after and int.parse. Any Ideas?

int myVar = Int32.Parse(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["mySetting"] + "") + 0;


Sometimes we find some code that... well.... I guess someone must be really REALLY high to write...


The WTF way



The right way:






In this category I will post some "creative" solutions to problems. (Code changed to protect the inocents).


// The WTF way

int  myInt = Int32.Parse(myDataTable.Rows.Count + "");

// The correct way

int  myInt = myDataTable.Rows.Count;