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Is it just me or is Halo 3 a massive dissapointment? - the first time I played it I was saying to myself is this IT - this is the game thats meant to be the best game going - It wouldnt surprise me to see Gears Of War go back to top of the number 1 game on Xbox Live 

Halo 3 for me is jump shoot jump, jump , jump some more , shoot folk who are jumping, throw a grenade and then jump some more, oh and then shoot people who are jumping, not forgetting to jump - it just doesnt so anything for me as a game.

In the campaign you complete it in 3 days or less playing it for a few hours a night never to touch the campaign again.

Online its jump jump jump... massivelt dissapointing and is back to Gears of War for me and as it seems everyone on my friends list seems to be doing much the same.

I suppose I just dont like ..yeah you guessed it jumping all friggin game long.


Posted on Saturday, October 20, 2007 8:19 AM | Back to top

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could not agree more. Most overhyped game that i've experienced. Had fun at first but had to force myself to finish the campaign...figured that I spent money on it, might as well finish.
Left by stevethestring on Jan 06, 2008 8:27 PM

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