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If you install the Commerce Server starter site on a port other than port 80, you will run into a couple of issues.  The problem is that Microsoft coded the site to drop the port number.  To correct the problem, open the App_Code\SiteContext.cs file and comment out the following line of code (it's on line 247, for me):

builder.Port = -1; // Removes the port setting from the site.
Add the following line of code in its place (note, update port numbers to match your sites configuration):

builder.Port = secure ? 8443 : 8080;

The User\Login.aspx.cs file also needs to be updated.  Located the following line in the OnInit() method and change the -1 to match the port number for which SSL is configured to run on your site:

builder.Port = -1; // Change this to your sites SSL port

Hope that helps... Posted on Thursday, April 3, 2008 12:13 PM | Back to top

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