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I have talked about both Windows Live FolderShare and Windows Live Sync in the past. In fact, the last time I talked about Live Sync it was to say that it was FolderShare rebranded.

Starting next month, Microsoft will be officially announcing Windows Live Sync, which you can think of as FolderShare 2.0. It will look familiar and offer the same features as FolderShare, plus:

  • More folders and files—sync up to 20 folders with 20,000 files each.
  • Integration with Windows Live ID—no more extra sign-in stuff to remember.
  • Integration with the Recycle Bin—no more separate Trash folder to fiddle with.
  • Unicode support—sync files in other languages.

There are a few things that you do need to know about the transition to Live Sync. When Sync releases FolderShare will stop working and will ask you to upgrade to Sync. Once you upgrade, Sync will automatically rebuild your personal folders. Here is the important part: Sync will not be able to rebuild your shared libraries. If you have a lot of shared libraries, be sure to log in to the FolderShare website while it’s still available and copy that information so you can rebuild your shared libraries in Sync.

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Posted on Sunday, November 23, 2008 9:52 AM General | Back to top

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