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Scott Dorman Microsoft MVP, Software Architect, Developer, Author

People laugh when I say that I am shy and maybe lately, I have come a little out of my shell.  But then something like this happens and suddenly I find myself thinking “where is that shell again”?? 

I was recently honored with recognition as an INETA community champion.  The word community is certainly key here.  I am being credited with a few events like Entity Saturdays, Technically Speaking, and Silverlightpalooza that we put together as a community.  In addition, my husband Robert and I are known to volunteer for everything we can. It is purely selfish!  The community gives us back much more than I feel like we put in.   I cannot count how many times I have smiled and laughed or quantify how much I have learned at these events.  I would never trade anything for the experiences and the opportunities to meet the amazing people that we have gotten to know through community events.

A strong community is one made up of creative problem solvers and that is what we, as developers, have.  The development community as a whole, and the Dallas/Fort Worth development community specifically, is amazing.  It is easy find members of the community to help with projects, or problems… big or small.  Most of the time, they take on your problems like they were their own.

I am not going to mention the people that specifically nominated me.  Instead, I want to take this opportunity to thank EVERY active developer EVERYWHERE for being incredible members of a community that is like no other… the .NET development community!

INETA Community Champions

- side note – if you are interested in putting on any events like the ones we have, I would be happy to help with any ideas I have. 

Posted on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 11:26 PM | Back to top

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