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The Palm OS and hardware has seen it's share of hurdles over the last several years and tripped over most of them as the handheld market has moved to smart phones.  The Treo was an early entry into that market and looked very promising.  But was the inclusion of a Windows based Treo the beginning of the end?

What to me looks like a last desperate grasp of a dying company comes the Palm Foleo.

It looks like a low end, light weight, crappy laptop that's an Internet only device.  (How many of these Internet appliances have died over the years?)

And if you want to use it on the go you need to use your smart phone to connect out.

I can picture using it now:  YouTube videos won't load, Ajax based sites won't work, and forget QuickTime and Windows Media.  And when they finally do start working, Verizon will shut you down with their usage cap.  Oh wait, seems they are targeting e-mail as the primary use on day one.

So let's analyze the market.  Home users are going to want something closer to an iPod or PSP to entertain themselves, with some people gravitating toward smart phones just because they are as cheap as regular mobile phones, and use their laptop for everything else.  Businesses are going to send people out with smart phones and full laptops.  Which leaves early adopters, which is a lot of people who read this blog, but not much else.  Maybe if they can get the price down from $500 and start selling them in bundles with smart phones.   But it seems like a long shot.  After all, isn't the point to converge devices like the iPhone, not add more?

Personally, as an early adopter myself, if I needed anything close to this, I think I would go with a Tablet PC or UMPC.

Would you buy one?

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Reminds me of the last dying gasp of BeOS at the hands of Sony.
Left by Michael on Jun 04, 2007 5:53 AM

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