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The sample web that is downloaded along with the SubSonic source has been discussed periodically throughout this guide.  The following is a list of what is provided.

App_Code\Utility.cs - Miscellaneous functions commonly needed when building web applications.

App_Themes - A default theme to get you started.

Dev\CodeTemplates - Text file representations of the templates used to generate classes.  Use these as a starting point if you need to create custom templates.

Dev\DB - Sample database scripts for schema and data loading.

Dev\BatchClassGenerator.aspx - If your environment does not allow running in Full Trust mode, run this page to generate classes that can be compiled into the build.  Add these classes to your project's App_Code folder and remove the build provider settings from the configuration file.

Dev\BatchScaffoldGenerator.aspx - Create scaffold pages automatically for each table.

Dev\ClassGenerator.aspx - Similar to BatchClassGenerator, but only creates code for a single class that is meant to be copy and pasted into a class file.

Scripts - SQL file for Northwind.

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