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PC Magazine has released a new edition of its Top 101 Web Sites.  Not a lot of surprises.  I have seen most of these sites.  But I did find a few gems.

Little Fluffy Industries

With links to more than 600 free games on the Web, you're bound to get hooked to the addictive action. Stick to reading the game descriptions; they're amusing and far less dangerous.

Overheard in the Office

This is a blog-like format of funny conversational snippets contributed by flabbergasted workers just like yourself. Read the latest in politically incorrect flubs, managerial moronics, and coworker chaos. Or contribute some yourself. Just make sure your boss doesn't read the site first.


Become isn't just a comparative shopping site. It promises to guide you every step of the way during your shopping experience, offering research resources and links to useful sites directly related to what you want to purchase. The "Affinity Index Ranking" search method analyzes the content of pages, as well as their links, and gives preference to those that link to other related sites, ensuring that what you want comes to the top. You may never have to wade through a bunch of irrelevant choices again.

It's no secret that our democracy runs by, for, and with the gracious permission of the Giant Money Machine. Find out who's getting how much from where, here.

Heaven knows, most of us spend much of our workday staring at a computer screen. You can make the view just a bit more pleasant with "desktop wallpaper" from You can download any of the hundreds of artwork—photographs, fractal pieces, and illustrations—featured on the site and use them as your screen background. If you're artistically inclined, you can even upload some of your personal artwork to the site. Never stare at a boring screen again.


Now there's a simple way to find plagiarists online, so you can protect what's yours. Enter a URL of an original Web page, and Copyscape will search the Internet for duplicates. Click on the links and you'll see the duplicated text highlighted.


Looking for a new look? Much of the free stuff at InterfaceLIFT is for Mac users only (such as themes), but loads of it is for Microsoft Windows users as well (icon sets; gorgeous, high-res desktop images).

And now the greatest site of all time.  I have been addicted for years.  Be sure to mark your calendars to visit the site on April Fool's Day.

Home Star Runner

Need a good belly laugh? Spend some time with Home Star, Strong Bad, and the rest of the cast at this off-beat 'toon site. Our favorite: Mazipan's Answering Machine.

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