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Two free chapters (5 - Template Lists and 9 - SharePoint Project Collaboration Solutions) from SharePoint 2003 User's Guide are available for download from TheServerSide.NET.  The entire book is available in electronic format at Apress.

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services address a variety of information-sharing and collaboration needs, providing an innovative way for you to manage information. In order to get the most out of SharePoint, you need to understand its capabilities to create materials, collaborate with others, and share enterprise information.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced SharePoint user, SharePoint 2003 User's Guide is designed to provide you with the information you need to effectively use these tools. The authors, who are experienced SharePoint consultants, take a real-world look at the best practices for Microsoft SharePoint 2003 and include many detailed examples you can build on.

The first section of the book describes the basic and advanced building blocks in both of the SharePoint technologies. With step-by-step examples, the authors explain features like portals, sites, lists, and libraries. Advanced topics include targeting content, managing security, and integrating with Microsoft Office 2003.

The second section expands on these features by showing you how to build the most commonly used SharePoint solutions. The book describes the challenges these solutions are designed to address and the benefits that are realized by using a SharePoint-based solution. The authors provide specific instruction and examples that will allow you to effectively configure SharePoint for document collaboration, information centers, and other detailed scenarios.

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